Poker in Las Vegas

I grew up in Zurich, Kreis 5. My parents Sonja and Theo always supported me

and offered a safe environment to me. In a lovely, honest family with my sister Beatrice I became the person I am today. I went to primary school in the ´Kornhausbrücke´-school and attended secondary school in Kreis 4. One of my school mates from that time is the famous magician Marco Tempest who has his one show in Las Vegas now. He is a well-known street magician.

After his apprenticeship in banking I headed to Hawaii in order to improve his English. At the same time I completed a stage at the Sea Life Park where I had the possibility to work with dolphins. 

I have not managed yet to write a book although there would be enough interesting memoirs. Perhaps the whole project ´poker/WSOP´ will be concluded to a later time in a book *smile* …who knows…