I had the chance to participate on the Philanthropy-tournament JCI Poker Charity Gala 2009. Thirty poker players from Liechtenstein and the Area of Sargans played for NOMA-diseased people in Togo and Senegal.  In addition to the complete Buy-in a considerable sum of money was added and has been invested into the public social aid.

I know that it is a gift in life to be able to play poker. Especially in relation to money.

In May 2019 the charity tournament THE ROCK was held for the first time at the Casino Admiral in Ruggell. At this tournament a nice sum could be collected for a sportswoman suffering from cancer.

I am aware that it is a gift in life to be allowed to play poker, especially when it comes to money. There are many people in this world who fight for their daily food every day. Various projects, some completed, some still running, such as support for a family and still have a godchild in Vietnam. Aid organisations such as Worldvision, Kinderkrebs-Hilfe and other institutions in Switzerland are also considered. Currently active direct aid from various people. This does not mean that requests for money/support etc. can be made to me. Invitations to charity tournaments are gladly examined, all other projects are selected by myself.