I had the chance to participate on the Philanthropy-tournament JCI Poker Charity Gala 2009. Thirty poker players from Liechtenstein and the Area of Sargans played for NOMA-diseased people in Togo and Senegal.  In addition to the complete Buy-in a considerable sum of money was added and has been invested into the public social aid.

I know that it is a gift in life to be able to play poker. Especially in relation to money.

There are a lot of people on earth who need to fight daily for their food. By this reason That’s why I support a family and addition also a goddaughter in Vietnam. Public socials aids in Switzerland  like Worldvision, children cancer aid etc. are being considered as well. However, this does not mean that requests for money/support should be sent to me. Invitations to charity-tournaments will be verified. Any other projects will be selected by myself.