There are people who have dreams, targets and at the same time consider ideas like mine as unreachable. Exactly how I think so as well. But now we want to have a look whether such crazy dreams can come true. Do you want to participate in a dream becoming reality? Do you want to be a part of the dream?

With a small donation you’re in! Let my dream become yours.

Dreamers with a donation from CHF 50 - get a Souvenir from Las Vegas (available from May 2013)

Donator number 100 with a minimum Donation of CHF 50. – receives a voucher for a dinner (valid in Switzerland/Liechtenstein/Vorarlberg)

Donator number 200 with a minimum Donation of CHF 50.-  receives a romantic dinner, Surf n Turf at the Casino Bregenz, including a glass of champagne and gambling-chips for two persons! (Minimum value EUR 250.- !)

Even better, have a look at the online-shop from THE ROCK. There you will find articles which you can buy for yourself. The articles are also suitable as gifts for someone’s birthday or anniversary. With a gift from the online-shop you not just make a great present, you also become a supporter of the project ´WSOP 2015´.