Twice WSOP participation, twice itm

by The Rock

After the Colossus I ventured to the Mini Main Event of the WSOP Circuit in Rozvadov. With a buy-in of EUR 250, half a million in prize money was guaranteed. I started the tournament well until I lost a big pot with AQ against AA full. I try to fight my way through with a small stack, but it just doesn't work. In the BB I push T8s with straight and flush draw all-in. Ivo Donev (WSOP Omaha Bracelette owner) called with one hit. Another player called with AJ off, who had no chance but a lot of imagination to win the pot. However, I didn't get anything and Ivo hits the 6 on the flop and wins. A lap of honour is announced, actually it was all right with me, I didn't feel comfortable at the table. I had to go to the cash desk and pay in again and go to the table. BB already at 800 with BB Ante. One notices if in a button round 2K go away from a start stack over 50K. Involved in two stupid hands, the stack already melts. With 15K and 89hs I push all-in and get the call from KK. 8 on flop and 9 on turn and double up. With 30K I can play out the "fish image" and with very good hands I can build up my stack to over 100K. However, the table was then dissolved and we had to implement ourselves. I came to a table where all had massive chips and exerted pressure. There were still 3 levels to play on day 1. I was pushed around and my chips went away like nothing. I must hold against it. With AQ pre-flop I raise and get a call from the chip leader. Flop is all under T and I make the continue bet, which is raised by the Italian. Courageously I push everything in and the call comes with KK. I know nevertheless.... On River the A for me. Wow, that was damn close and damn bad played by me. What do I give my opponent. I only hit a bluff.... Very badly played... for that I was still rewarded.... Okay, I like to take the chips with me. At the end of day 1 I can bag 272K.
Day 2 starts with about 380 remaining players out of a total of 2582, with 268 paid seats. After only 3 hands we had to change tables. It was not much, sometimes blinds won, sometimes blinds lost. Changing tables is again announced. I was able to build up my stack well and I built up to 625K that was 12 BB. Then came the Dinnerbreak and we were allowed to feed ourselves. Our table was finally moved to the Live TV table. You can watch the rest of the story in the video.

Have fun.


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