Question of the week

by The Rock

Dear poker friends, a technical question has arisen where opinions split more than anything else. TDA does not say exactly what the rule is. But first of all from the beginning.


UTG makes a call.

2nd UTG raised

Until the big blind is folded


UTG calls the raise and opens its cards, even though the 2nd UTG still has chips. The rules on the part of TDA says the following:


68 Exposing Cards and Proper Folding

Exposing cards with action pending may result in a penaltybut not a dead hand. Any penalty begins at 

the end of the hand. When folding, cards should be pushed forward low to the table, not deliberately 

exposed or tossed high (“helicoptered”). See also Rule 66


Now the "mother of the question", UTG with the cards revealed by mistake yet, does he has full action or not. Except for one house, all those I've already talked to say that the flawed player can only react! That is, call or fold. He can neither make a bet nor can he raise. In a house one says, the faulty player has full action.


I am very interested in how the opinions are. Especially what you think about it.

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