Interesting night

by The Rock

As I was to early for the tournament, I’ve spend a short time at the cash-game. An almost tripple up has spent a freeroll to me. The start was very nice except one showdown, I could show allways a winning hand. My stack growed. Then the phase, where I didn’t get any hand to spend any chip.

Mario, a good guy couldn’t leave his hand and he paid all until the river. He won the pot with J high... unbeliveble situation, but that’s Poker. The end where near and I went all-in with AJ running vs pocket 8.

A short visit back at the cashgame didn’t gave money.... no, I have to make an open fold with Ah Ad as the bord shows three clubs..... It was an interesting evening... smile. Important at all, no money has been lost....

Now I will spend me a break, except our club masterhip, I will spend now my time for regeneration and also to take the time to read some pokerbooks.

See you soon at the table


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