End of this trip

by The Rock

Once again, it was a succesfull trip to the citiy who’s never sleep. Some of the tournaments has been won. Up from Flamingo to Monte Carlo. Also at cash-game I made some good pot’s, specially at Planet Hollywood.

The funniest what happen to me was at Casino Monte Carlo. I’ve limped BB 200 and the guy next to me raised up on 800. I want some information and I started to talk to him. I just asked him, „why do you raise them up with a four-bet“? He just answered „play, don’t talk“.... ok, if he want it on the hard way... I pushed him all-in and he called me with 9 7 offsuited... strange... My A showed up on the Flop and the other guy was just leaving the Pokerroom... looks like guilty or something like that. I didn^t understood his move not, also the dealer looked perplex to the running guy....

Well, after the succesfull last tournament I was ready to spend USD 100.- to the Casino for playing some Pay-Gow Poker. But the Casino wont take my money, no at least they payd off another USD 50.- to me, this within 10 minutes... Thank you, I’ve taken that also.

My stay at Sin City is over now. Thank you to my lady luck, who support me at several moments when it was really usefull.

I’ll be back soon

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