Charity event at Ruggell

by The Rock

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Paulina Jarzmik, starting for the Liechtenstein Kickboxing Club Chikudo Martial Arts, has won many fights in her career. She is three times European Champion and five times World Champion. Lately, however, things have become calmer around the top kickboxer. The reason for this became public in the last days. Paulina Jarzmik is currently fighting her biggest fight - the fight against cancer and death. 

In this context I decided to organize a charity tournament where the money for the treatment of Paulina will go 1:1. I had different variants in mind and I think I decided for the right one. With Casino Admiral in Ruggell I was able to win a professional provider of poker tournaments for this occasion. I am very happy and grateful that Casino Admiral have agreed to organize and sponsor the Charitiy tournament within a very short time!

 For the tournament players the stake will flow into the pot for the winning ranks. Casino Admiral will pay out the same amount that the poker players can win as a donation to Paulina.  In the evening there will also be various special prizes to be won. A Players Buffet will be provided. Again, what the players can bring into the pot and win, the complete sum is paid by the Casino Admiral to Paulina!

It would be nice if you could find time to participate in this tournament. Sign up now. The evening will be in the spirit of charity anyway. If you are not playing poker, there is also the possibility to donate to Paulina on site!

If you have no time to join us, you can donate direct as well

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