What an honor ......

by The Rock

Phil Helmuth and THE ROCK

.... to see a poker pro in Vegas. For sure, they are people like you and me, but they have some reach, I can hardly or never reach. If you still think of the most successful players of all time, then I know that I will never reach, not even close. Only ever allowed to play the Main Event, which is quite a challenge, especially financially. Save for a few years and you can pay the buy-in, if it is not enough, you can even ask friends for a share. Personally, I have even sold shares, I not do this anymore. The reason why,  I do not want to sit in one form or under pressure, with the ulterior motive that someone has a financial interest.


But back to the topic. I had the pleasure of sitting at the table behind me Phil Helmuth (the Poker Brat), 1989 as the youngest WSOP winner! Most WSOP Bracelets (14!), Most WSOP final tables, most frequently in the money (in the price rankings), the first player who have won both the WSOP Main Event and the WSOP Europe .... and now he sits at the table behind me along with Mike Matusow (the Mouth). Honestly, my pulse was massively increased. I could concentrate on my poker game very bad. Then I flop with KQ two pair and I make a good bet. My opinion played all-in with ... I call, and he show a flush draw with 5 7  ..... hello, what was there before the flop? Do I not have raised 4 bb ....? Of course, the flush arrive on the river and I must get up ... seat open. My profit, the common picture with Phil Helmuth ... at least one honor.

Bye for now


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