Two steps forward, one back....

by The Rock

... means I still stand on the same place. Why should I not take more time to take step by step? That’s why I’ve deciede not to play the main event in 2015. It looks good to play a side event to get the whole feeling of a WSOP championship tournament, updates as soon I plan the trip.

A friend of me spent a lot of hours to talk with me about poker. The magic words, Pot Controll, discipline, that’s the way to success. Those words should help to come up in critical situation to find the solution to make a call or a fold.

Before I may be travel again to Vegas, I will play the 300 EUR Tournament at the Bodensee Championship. I know, there are very good players in Bregenz and it will be hard to reach the second day. But I’ll take it step by step. The high light will be the main event which start at friday evening. The date is blocked, the buy-in is paid, hope not to be the first seat open....


I wish you a nice sunday evening.


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