The year 2015......

by The Rock

.... is a symbol of quality. What does that mean for me. The quality in poker is a custom view in connection with the skill. How should one measure the quality in poker? The one who has the most chips at the beginning and then goes into difficult situations because he wants to dominate the table and can not get out of further hands? The one who plays as if each pot is a raw egg? The one who plays with a luck factor 70 or even the one who screwed down to the luck factor 30? It is a matter of opinion. Where I would classify myself that I let out my opponent and I can not reveal here, but one thing is clear, my game, I do not let on the level of buy-in, no, I let my game on the table and determine my gut feeling , May well be that I'm bad times moves that I pay something that should not be paid, write my luck factor at 60 ... I do not know, I'll play 2015 depending on the situation. What I look, be it in Vegas or Europe, I will reduce the quantity and for forcing the quality of my game. There is no use from tournament to tournament jump to or after a seat open equal to jump into the cash game, you take too much  with you to the new table.

This year I have besides the club may have played 3 tournaments and from that I was two times in the money. Once I did this year played cash games and scored a plus of 90%. This is quality over quantity for me. Sure you will see me again this year to elect tournaments, whether in St. Gallen on Thursday Poker, CCC Bregenz or in the city Casino Bregenz, but also in Seefeld. Be it Bodensee Poker or even on a CAPT.

I'll will play also some tounraments in Las Vegas, Aria, Binion's and The Orleans will be back on the list on the next trip.

I am glad if I may see one or the other players at the table. Even if we play against each other, it always makes me happy that they know each other, can make a short chat, but then it says "give me your chips" and the best without a fight!

bye for now


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