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by The Rock

It is time to report more on the page.

I said goodbye to Facebook because I do not like the whole thing around it anymore. The people who are really interested in me and my blog, they read that. At the tournaments, I always have my www address clearly visible. I prefer to give up on a few clicks, quality instead of quantity, this should also be the target for 2019 in the game.

In December 18, like every December, I was in Vegas for a week. Unfortunately I could not play much, the tournaments I played ended either in mass or in the money. 50/50. At CG, I stayed above water. However, I spent time for a trip to Oakland (Raiders vs. Steelers) and a quick LA flight for a brunch. Much time was given to me also with the HOG family, a huge thank you for that.

At the moment I have 3 casinos in sight


1st choice Casino Admiral Ruggell, 

2nd choice CCC Bregenz

3rd choice Casino Austria Bregenz


Add to that Homegames Sevelen Stängel and Club tournaments (every Thursday). Soon it will take me  back to Las Vegas, soon is ready for boarding. Looking forward to escape the cold, the winter and the snow for a few days to enjoy the warmth of life and especially to play more poker than in December. It's up, Orleans with an Omaha tournament, Aria, Wynn and Venetians. For fun, I will also play in the Flamingo small tournament for the $ 60.-, always something to relax and try something new.

See you soon at a table!

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