IPO Malta pre Satellites

by The Rock

What is quality. As I have already written, should be the quality over quantity. Of course, not the stack, where I'd rather have the quantity, since it simplifies the play. But what is to do, if you not get many good hands? This happened at the pre-Satelittes in CCC Bregenz for Satalittes IPO Malta in March 2015. With a starting stack of 10,000 chips and a flat structure at the beginning. It was at 3 tables played with about 29 players. Ten of a re-entry did finally had it 39 Entries.

The game was with me resinous, not that I played bad, but mostly fit the flop not one of my cards in hand and I had often give up the pot early. Nevertheless, I was able to hold up well and reached the final table. The prize was 6 tickets for the tournament satellites, seventh place was nevertheless still 50.- EUR! With a buy-in of EUR 26.- after all what the charges.

Four small stack at the final table, one of which I use almost 10 BB and an 4M. Times try all-in with pocket Q and hope that a small stack along, just not a big bully ... no all fold, at least about 6000 again bagged chips ... and then another 8 players. Bubble phase. About the playing style of my hand, you can now discuss. There are several variations, which is the best. In SB (1500/3000/200) I get a pocket 5. Middle position makes a raise to 6400. Rear I still do 16500th What should I do. I know the aggressor is likely to call me. It still has not really 2 smaller stack at the table. There are only a push or fold. Which is right, that you know at the end of the hand. I was willing to take on any case the coin flip, I put my opponent on AK AQ and with my Pocket actually have the chance to give me air. All-in! My opponent thinks for a long, therefore I was right with the adoption of his hand. Finally, he calls with AKs. Flop immediately two clubs for him the flush draw .. more outs on the turn ... and he gets the flush.

I think my decision was not wrong, but after the hand I say, the decissin was not good enough. For my Bubble rank after all, I still get a voucher for a dinner. The ticket would have preferred me, but now I can play again next week, the pre-Satellites and enjoy a delicious steak or other delicacy.

Conclusion, a hand to play different variants. I think at dinner next week, I'll think about it and improvise on the ticket.

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