I'm still alive...smile

by The Rock

Hi my friends


Right, the rock is still alive. There was several reason, why I was absent on my page, but the whole story will be to long to explain that all.


In your live you have to make several decisions. You have a target, to reach that there are several ways to do it. For myself I’ve decide not to play the WSOP Main Event 2015. The time is to short and it is a lot of money, I’m not willing yet to spend that in 2015. But my dream is still the Main Event. As I’m young.... I have still time to wait for the right moment to fullfill my dreams. Perhaps I’ll play a side event, if I’m in the money I have a freeroll for the Main Event. I still live my dream!


The last few month were crazy, I’ve spend three times in Vegas, November 2013 with my best friend Willi. We tried to get a Casino Chip from every Casino in Vegas. Running in, running out, next chip for our collection. Also at the table, I had a very good time. Once again, I could win the tournament at  Ceasars Palace.


February 2014 I’ll spent a week with Cécile. We played many tournaments and also cashgame. It was nice, not to cold and I got the re-investment. Nice....


April 2014 my parents joined us. How beautifull... we also travelled to Sedona, I love that place... so cute... My next Vegas trip can’t be without! But... this trip was the most expensive, I havent that much time to get all the investments back. But I got the best price ever, to stay with my honest once again in Vegas!


My next tournament will be soon, even Bregenz or Seefeld. Who knows, I have to get  more experiance, I have to learn more about my poker. I have to work on my skills.


Now I wish you a nice weekend and enjoy the football world championship. For all Players, good hands and the necessary luck which is needed.


Take care

Very truly




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